Protein Shake Recipes for Women

This post looks at a few protein shakes recipes that are ideal for women. Most women might think that a protein shake isn’t for them, they may think they are only good for weight lifters, professional athletes, and the like. However, even the average woman can take advantage of introducing protein shakes into their diet. There are many reasons why these may be beneficial. Protein shakes are often made up of lean protein, fruits, healthy fats, and fiber. These ingredients can help women to build muscle, lose weight, and even add nutrients to a diet. Let’s look at a few great protein shake recipes for women.

Meal Replacement Protein Shake


This recipe has everything you need. It has at least 3 servings of fruit, it has protein, it has a healthy fat, and has a few healthy carbs. The above whey protein shake will end up being about 450 calories depending on the size of the banana and the number of scoops of peanut butter.

Protein Shake To Help Weight Loss


This recipe is very low in calories. This recipe is only about 325 calories give or take a few. Since this recipe has a solid amount of protein, fiber, and healthy fats, it can keep you full for a surprising amount of time considering it only has 325 calories.

After Workout Shake


If you are active, using a protein shake after your workout can really help recovery times. The above protein recipe is a great shake to drink following an intense workout.